Wednesday, April 8, 2015

8 APR 2015 :: A place for me

Well, I finally started a blog just for me... 

Finding a name that isn't already taken is a challenge...but this is good enough...and it can evolve into something else if, and when, I don't want to continue (or can't).  I tried a few different name themes, like "thoughts," "thinking," etc., but all the good ones were gone.  :-)  This will have to do.

I love to collect ideas, thinks about solutions, find better ways of doing things.

I don't really like public speaking, and writing gives me a better platform for sharing my thoughts.  I want my suggestions to be heard somehow, so writing letters has been the only way I could share them in the past. Blogging is nice, but it is not always a public forum.  I will have to see where these efforts lead.

I am suppose to be able to sign up for 100 blog titles, but haven't been able to get past a few.  I am experimenting with the system, and trying to notice the names that say they should go through but don't.

So far I have blogs for ::
  • Working Together
  • Crafts Explored
  • Shelter For All
  • Political Rehabilitation (that should be a fun one  :-)
  • Prisons (can't remember the name I got right now)
  • and I think I have one more... will have to check
I am trying to get blogs for ::
  • Food issues
  • Education
  • Prayer
  • Community
  • Income issues and options
  • Farming and Ranching issues
  • and.....
Most are associated with Working Together efforts and will continue after I am gone.  I am trying to figure out how to link them all together for accessing from each other.  As I learn more, these things are able to be accomplished.  If GOD ever provides the financing (finally!), I will be able to hire others to take these duties over so I can focus on different problems.  :-)  I am always hopeful.

This may be a really good thing... I hope so.  I am getting more organized and trying to rebuild my life from what was lost...and live in fear of losing everything again...and have so many needs...
I force myself to remember that GOD is the one in charge of all things that pertain to my life...He has a bigger plan than me... and I need to focus on what is possible today, what has been provided for today, what needs to be done today...  I am only responsible for my part in the Body of Christ, maybe someone else hasn't done their part and we are all suffering for it.

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