Wednesday, October 7, 2020

IDEAS :: Political Debates and Reality

I watched the debate between the two Vice-President candidates tonight.  The level of our priorities was seen in the first post after it was over... the focus was a black fly that was very visible on Mike Pence's very white hair.  

I checked on a couple of the after-debate comments. Each news media highlighted the event according to their issues... noting the topics that are important to them in a way that makes the opposing party look bad.

Some did mention all the questions that got ignored because the answer was something the candidate did not want to talk about.  

One thing I didn't understand is why they debate at all... what they talked about was the President they would serve, not what they would do if they became the President through any kind of disaster that might happen in the future.  I thought their questions and answers would tell us more about them... about them possibly becoming the President if they win.  

Do we want Kamala Harris to BE the President if Joe Biden dies in office?!?

As soon as President Trump was diagnosed with the dreaded virus, the liberal media brought up the idea of Nancy Pelosi becoming VP to Mike Pence as our new President.  That would be a terror!  It made me realize how important it is to own the House of Representatives so you have the Speaker representing the party/ideals of the President and Vice-President.

The more I get into politics, the bigger the problems become.

This year is so strange, and this election is probably the MOST IMPORTANT in our history, in my voting lifetime.  This year we are deciding the future direction of our nation and the world.  So, I have been trying to watch the debates.

The real problems we are facing have no solutions in any election year.  If someone tries to suggest one, the media make it into a farce.  It makes our debates a fight to avoid a "sound bite" that will live forever.  No real conversations can take place.  No solutions can ever be found.  It all becomes a game of looking good and saying nothing.

I may never watch another debate after this year.  :-)  

Of course, I'm old so I may not live to see the next Presidential election! 

What would be a good idea for POLITICAL DEBATES in the future?  I don't know.  I try to make solutions to the problems I am aware of, the ones that matter to me, but I don't think any one person can solve our major problems.  They will kill us, or they will take a long time to solve...more than one President.























I am wanting to share my views on some of these topics, but that would make this post last for days and days and days... I will leave them blank for now.  Maybe you can print off this part of the blog and fill in your own ideas for how to solve these problems we face.

What do we hear about?  The most current topic.  That would be Climate Change (instead of Pollution), a global pandemic that is not what I would call a pandemic (but only what President Trump can somehow be blamed for), and other issues I don't want to list because they are just different party politics ( fracking, jobs, taxes, the economy, healthcare, and...). 

I want Trump to win because he has more to bring into the solutions. Biden and Harris are long-time politicians, so is Pence. Trump is different, and that is what is good about him.  He may not be as polished as previous government representatives, but he has experiences that will help him to find new solutions to what we face.  If all the people making the decisions are the same, they will never see things that they don't know about.  DIVERSITY matters so we can find possibilities.

I'm falling asleep at my computer so I will be going for now.

Pray for our nation. WE ARE IN DEEP, DEEP TROUBLE. We need to find good answers to our problems and get them going F-A-S-T !!!  

The Democrats are not the answer for America - they want 100% taxes, and that destroys our foundation of Freedom and Dreams and Enterprise and Hope.  We need other kinds of solutions than raising taxes.

In this particular election, TRUMP is the only choice.

Let me know what you think we should do with all the problems we have as a nation right now... I'd love to hear what regular citizens think will help us.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin

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